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I had been propped on one elbow, watching Cindy and Oliver and playing with my cock with the other.Patty never had two at once before.She lifts my arm off her freeing her to turn towards me and look at me. Very little moonlight is shining through my window but I can see that she is looking right into my eyes.I said that I would talk to Jon, and if he was agreeable I would go there in the morning."And I certainly love this side of you."He informed her that Todd is using his magical tongue on you.It grew and swelled and brimmed in the depths of my cunt.That would make me a bad person.“That's it!Stopping once for a quickie lap sit and fuck to curb Philip’s obvious discomfort.But if in the process of my examination, the stimulation becomes more than you can handle, who knows what might occur?” With that I proceeded to start masturbating him, taking care where his cock was pointed.We bought enough supplies to last the weekend and then once back I removed the skirt and the bikini top.A

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