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They were each jumping forward, using their legs to clear parallel tire paths.••••••••••••••••••••••I thought to myself.It got huge as she continued to stroke and lick him harder!She washed me down with vinegar again once she was done then she led me by the leash to the cage.I watched as she locked up and fell flat on the lounge.Don’t have to worry about Katie for the rest of the night, at least.Panic began to sink in, “Where are we?Just wanted to be sure you’re not mad at me. I’ll just do my work; I too am a little behind also.She was essentially trapped.Paul and I sat kissing and cuddling on the sofa.A few minutes later he feels his phone vibrate in his pocket, checking the message, it's from his girlfriend Ashlynn.It was rather endearing how he lit up as he went along, talking more now in a few minutes than I’d heard him talk since piss they arrived yesterday.I gave up, gazing at the stars between the tree tops, I began to relax.He pl

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