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She didn't need approval...“She actually said ‘take a hike?” I asked.I crawled over to my breakfast, my hips swaying behind me like some jungle cat stalking her prey.Her talents giving a BJ were amazing and I could feel my balls start to harden up.I tried to keep a poker face.“ Well.I looked up as I was finishing buttoning the last button on my flannel shirt, I looked over at him and said, "I don't think so, asshole!She searched for an excuse, because she didn’t figure her friend would appreciate her having fucked her dad, so she concocted a lie, “I… must have taken it off in the night.But when I did, he shoved his dick-head a little deeper inside me, and started to ejaculate.As I looked in the full length mirror I had a mixture of strange feelings.Of course, in another way, he was kind of right, I bitterly thought as a vision of Nicole popped up in my head.She shook her head, no.“Take this cunt away,” Wagner orders, sounding almost bored.“Ooh, you're going to make

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