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Don't worry, they know the score, our secret is safe.“Sure do.” The damage was already done.myself wow shes changed since we last saw each other.“So do you remember when I asked you if you were married when we first met?” She asked making me grin.Darrin dutifully followed, his hands still behind his head with his elbows out to the side.Could this day get any worse!?” I ask.Looking around the shop, with the help of a saleswoman who followed her like a puppy, she decided she might want a blindfold as well, she let herself be talked into some lengths of rope, wide colorful tape, and a selection of condoms.“Maybe you could just help me out with some things, and we’ll call it even.Make you forget about anybody else.Let this be a warm up for you.” I stepped forward and pulled her hands away from her breasts.“Ayithe ivala amma sallanu denga raa..” (Then fuck maa’s boobs today come) she said lied flat on her back.He left her his business card, inviting her to come by his