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He did not move.She moaned louder as I stroked her.The rest of the way home they discussed the idea, finally Terry told Lou he was going to do it today he’d call him and let him know what happened.We slipped out when the rain stopped and, as I threaded my way between the bars, the girls ignored me. It must have been obvious that I was sated and used up.“What?“A saliva sample?” Bryan asked.We both came at about the same time, much to the delight of our audience.“I need a little more, Sam!”"F U C K M Y T...I...T...S!!!"Naked, gagged and restrained to a criss-cross post, Morgan was visibly livid.He ran his finger around and then drove his cock back up her butt.In the past men had been rough with her, and she had been astounded at how much stronger than she they could be.I slowly took my hand away leaving the knife at her throat.Push your cock up in my womb.It so happened this time, that he found a couple of neighbors trying to rustle some of his herd and after some lead flew a

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