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Nothing further,” said Daniel.Jon took me to bed with him and fucked me doggy style that night.Suddenly, I felt a warm sensation near my groin area and woke up to find my mother sucking my dick.What an alarm to wake me up in the morning.What am I gonna do now?[i]Maaaaaaybe…?“No. Have you?”“That’s okay, I was going to suggest my place anyway.”“Are you calling me a slut?” Willowbud grinned, her neck striating with tension as a contraction of pleasure tore up her abdomen.It seemed in just mere moments, emotions began to soar as their lips locked together and their tongues’ began to explore each others mouths.That would make a great story.Made me quiver and groan.Even if someone tries to trace his research, the trail will never lead back to him.”“Then you are not the one” she whispered, more to herself than to Pavel.After our showers, the girls got dressed and headed downstairs for glasses of OJ.I smiled and replied, “Just so you know I will do whatever you say.

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