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What if Debbie ever found out?“Ohh....Well thats a good thing, i guess” i stupidly replied."I have an idea."He suggested and she said ok as she slowly sat on the one leg.“Yes,” she answered succinctly.�Her mom didn’t share her enthusiasm.“Thank you, Mr. Davies!” she moaned as I pressed her thighs apart and stared at her trimmed bush, her sweet pussy juices filling my nose.Doing another twirl I smiled at what I could see and noted that the straps on the top were in real danger of slipping off my shoulders.The short side of the rectangle is just about long enough to cover my butt and pussy.I started.Cold but not… freezing.I had to focus on something else.As it was with breeches cast aside and member once again rampant I merely asked, “May I?” as I lunged at her brushing her hands away and unerringly spearing her sex once more.The funeral would be on Monday at 11 am at the church we had attended for years.Later that night she said she had talked to Anita , her friend,

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