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We took our time, drinking, and laughing.JoAnne had been my daughter since she was four but that night was the first I ever had any thoughts except fatherly toward her."U-um...back and forth between them, I guess.”From his desk he could see the Isks, Ko and Itzo, scampering along on their way to the mailroom, their eight-legged, golden-furred bodies swerving as if on tracking.But not one of them was a trustworthy male that could help me with my unfulfilled anal needs.It made him feel like a young stud again, broadening the horizons of the girls he fooled around with in high school and college."What a shame."Not to mention, she never even knew magic was a possible thing.The tip of his tongue found the split between her pussy lips and he wiggled it until she moaned louder.She lowered the butt plug to her mother's crack.He glanced over at me and said,"You have that same nice musky smell about you.So I did, about 6 inches.Aaron winked and smirked at me. Luke looked at me with anger and j

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